Windmill Aerator - As of 2011


24/7 Person to Person telephone assistance for assembly

Morgan Winds, LLC is a supplier of wind powered aeration ( WINDMILL AERATION ), electric aerators, and pond aeration solutions. Our focus is on WINDMILL AERATORS and electric aerators, dock de-icers and fountains.

Wind Powered Aeration:

  • Is an excellent alternative when there is no electrical power available to your remotely located fish pond.
  • Provides open water on your pond that will attract white tail deer and other wild game from miles around.
  • 12′-24′ towers can be custom ordered. Call for pricing.
  • Operates in as low as 2 mph winds due to very low resistance on the rotor and improved blade design.
  • Lasts for many years. Many of our windmill aerators have withstood years of exposure and up to 80 mph winds are still operating problem free today.

Everclear Electric Aerators are an excellent alternative to windmill aerators. The Everclear kit offers: very quiet operation, easily concealed in the landscape and extremely energy efficient. For information and photos – Everclear Aeration Kits                  WWW.PONDAREATION.COM