Everclear Aeration Kit

New for 2011

Three Year Warranty on Your Everclear Pump

What separates Everclear Pond Aeration from all the others?

Our 3 year warranty and dual diffusers.
We have hundreds of the Everclear aerators in use locally and across the U.S. that have been in operation 24/7 around the clock for more than five years with out any problems at all. Many exposed to extreme temperature conditions ranging from 100 degrees Fahrenheit to 25 degrees below 0.

An Everclear electric aeration kit is everything you need and want in pond aeration. Very quiet operation, compact size and easily concealed in the landscape. It is UL approved for outdoors and very energy efficient ( approx. $5/ month – utilized 24/7 ). This kit is ready to go with 100′ of air line and diffuser (shown in photo below). It weighs 15 lbs and is about the size of a toaster. These high quality units are long lasting, inexpensive and easy to rebuild.

Once you have your Everclear system installed in your pond, you will see the results sooner than you think. The diffused air will begin to work immediately on improving the water quality. The column of air bubbles will transfer oxygen into the water and cycle the warmer water to the top keeping the ice open in winter. Open water on your pond in winter provides sunlight and oxygen that is otherwise blocked by ice and snow, it is also a source of fresh drinking water for ducks, geese, and live stock as well as song birds and other wild life.

This process of cycling the bottom water to the top is vitally important in warmer summertime temperatures as well as winter. The increased dissolved oxygen levels invigorate micro-organisms that feed on decaying organic matter that has accumulated at the bottom such as aquatic plants, algae, leaves, fish and water foul feces etc. This accelerates decomposition of organic sludge reducing bad odors, toxic gases that contribute to fish kill, and reduces nitrogen and phosphates that otherwise cause excessive algae blooms.

Aerating your pond with an Everclear system year round will condition your pond and invigorate the food chain, increasing fish spawns and provide cleaner, healthier water for swimming, livestock or wildlife drinking etc…

Everclear aerators are used to aerate water gardens, gulf coarse ponds, fish ponds, wildlife ponds for ducks and geese, settling ponds, septic tanks or catch basins.



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When installing your Everclear electric aerator it is recommended to keep the pump near the pond so you can utilize most of the air line in the water. A ventilated shelter will help protect the pump from sunlight and snow and prolong the life of your pump. A small bench made of treated lumber set on a patio block works well and also keeps children, pets or wild animals out. It is a good idea to leave ¾” gaps between horizontal boards on sides of the bench / shelter for ventilation. A plastic tote or storage container with a flat concrete pad in the bottom can be a quick temporary solution for winter protection until you get a more permanent shelter. A few small holes for ventilation on the sides near the top of the plastic container are a good idea.

When you are ready to put your airline and diffuser in the pond you could use ½ inch rebar cut into 8 inch pieces and cable tied (zip ties) every 5 feet. This will lay the airline on the bottom of the pond. Another suggestion is to use ¾ inch gray PVC conduit or pipe to house the airline. You will need to drill a small hole in the center and through both sides of each 10 foot length of PVC so it will sink, this will keep wild life from chewing holes in your airline.

Your pump will perform with optimum efficiency when your diffuser is in 8-10 feet of water. Your diffuser will become buoyant when the pump is running and will lift up facing the ponds surface, you can then set depth of the diffuser by allowing enough airline with out weights to bring the diffuser to the ideal depth.
A suspended diffuser oxygenates bottom water yet is less disruptive to the thermocline, allowing for improved habitat for many fish species.