Windmill Specifications

72″ Diameter Rotor Assembly

Tapered blades- Produce more torque; easier start up in low wind; rotate longer making more use of wind.


Balanced preassembled Center Hub
2 set screws tighten down to 2 flats on shaft, 1/2″ bolt in center of shaft. Blades bolt directly to balanced hub.

Tail Assembly
Tail arms are supported by steel gussets reducing vibration.

Compressor is larger, and pumps approximately 60% to 100% more air. Air in, and air out, valves are closer together so all air leaves the air chamber on each stroke.
Filtered incoming air.

Max Air Pressure
30 psi

Air Flow
up to 3.5 cfm in 10 to 15 mph winds

The pivot tube for the head assembly is a 2” x 19” steel tube closed on both ends.
Two oil impregnated UHMW washers on top of the pivot tube allow the head to easily find the wind. The pivot point needs no lubrication. The pivot tube also acts as an air expansion tank to relieve stress on bearings.

Air Hose
½” inside diameter

Our windmill aerator kits include a set of two Rubber Membrane Diffusers that are considered to be one of the most economical and low maintenance air diffusers available. The rubber membrane has many small uniform spaced perforations, which expand as air fills the membrane. Medium size bubbles are released causing an even and consistent upward flow producing maximum water displacement from bottom to surface forcing life-giving oxygen back down to the bottom. This will enable your fish to utilize the lower depths giving them a wider range of temperatures and food sources to thrive. The rubber membrane does not clog or break down like air stones. Little or no maintenance is required. Our Rubber Membrane Diffusers are designed to be very low back pressure so you also get the best performance from your air pump.

Windmill Technical Specifications

Axis: Horizontal
Rotor Diameter: 72″
Number of Blades: 12
Blade & Tower Material: Galvanized Steel
Total Height: 20′, 16′ and 12′, Add 3 feet for total height
Transmission: Direct Drive
Stroke: 0.5 in
Capacity: 1.5 -5 cu. ft. min., approx. 30 P.S.I.
Over speed Protection: Automatic (speed limiting)
Base Diameter: 86″ base on 23′ windmill