Windmill Information / Pricing

Windmill Pond Aeration — Beneficial Factors:

  • Multiple Inversions Daily Re-circulates Completely
  • Oxygenated Water from Top to Bottom
  • Removal of Toxic Gases
  • Eliminates Odors
  • Reduces Weeds and Algae
  • Greatly Improves Water Clarity
  • Larger and Healthier Fish
  • Keeps Ice Open — Reduced Fish Kill
  • SAFE — No Electrical Cords or Impellers in the Water
  • Economical and Very Little Maintenance
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty


Morgan Winds LLC is a supplier of aeration systems, our primary products are the windmill aerators, electric aerators, fountains and de-icers.

Inversion is the natural cleansing process of a pond or lake. The inversion process naturally takes place every spring and fall. When the colder surface water is heavier than the warmer bottom water, it sinks to the bottom and pushes the bottom water to the surface. This is nature’s own way of providing oxygen to the water on the bottom. This short term oxygenating process removes the toxic gases.Nutrients and organic matter build up in the pond, creating too much organic material to be broken down biologically, with natural inversion occurring only twice a year. With multiple inversions, oxygen from the air is pulled down to the bottom of the pond on a continuous basis. As the pond is turned over several times each day instead of twice a year, toxic gases are released as they reach the pond’s surface. Oxygenated water at the pond’s bottom allows bacteria to reduce the build up of organic sediment. Reduction of Weeds and Algae by providing oxygen to the bottom of a pond, a more complete breakdown of dying vegetation occurs. The nutrients generated by this process are released at the pond’s surface, and at the pond’s bottom, and are utilized by living organisms as food. This means less nutrients available for new weed or algae growth. Improves Water ClarityOften water is murky or discolored by suspended particles of organic matter. Increasing the amount of oxygen in the pond water, enables bacteria to multiply and breakdown that organic matter, thus improving water clarity and appearance.

Larger and Healthier Fish Populations

With an adequate supply of oxygen in the bottom half of your pond, the pond can sustain larger and healthier fish populations. Harmful substances on the bottom that that were dangerous to fish are converted to food for bottom feeding organisms. These organisms are then utilized by the fish as a beneficial food source.

Winter — Keeps Ice Open — Prevents Fish Kill

The wind aerator allows the pond to breathe, achieving gas exchange while biological activity goes dormant. The wind aerator will keep a 10 to 15 foot diameter of surface open, even in sub-zero weather. This area can then be used by waterfowl and other wildlife during the winter months. Also, the opening in the ice can be regulated by periodically aerating with a valve in the air line. If not aerated the surface ice can be allowed to freeze over and still be periodically aerated underneath the ice. A typical pond, during the winter months, will ice over preventing any gas exchange. When sunlight is blocked by the snow, water plants will die and the bacteria which feeds on that organic matter, uses up precious amounts of remaining oxygen. This may cause fish kill during the winter months.

Morgan Winds LLC is a supplier of aeration systems, our primary products are the windmill aerators, electric aerators, fountains and de-icers.

The wind powered aeration system is an environmentally friendly alternative to electric aerators and is an aesthetically pleasing addition to your landscape as well. The improved 4 legged 23 foot tall galvanized wind tower closely resembles the earlier version of the old time farm windmill that still exists on many historic farmsteads across the countryside. Only 2-3 mph winds are needed to start aerating your pond due to very low resistance on the rotor. The 1″ shaft rides smoothly on sealed bearings that do not need grease. The rotor drives a diaphragm type pump (no metal on metal) rather than a gear box, so there is no oil or gear lube to be changed. Modernized simple technology produces very low maintenance.

Note: This is NOT a bellows type pump (also sometimes called a bladder or air bag pump) See our “What you need to know before you buy” page.

The tower has a 86’’ wide base and there is a 72″ diameter set of twelve blades on the rotor allowing it to hold up in much higher wind speeds than some of the old time wind towers. The high quality galvanized finish will last a lifetime. Basic hand tools are all that is needed for assembly and they are anchored to the ground with 4′ steel tubes that are driven into the ground through 1″ clamps at the base the tower legs. Concrete may be needed in loose soils. A diffuser and 100′ of air line comes with the kit. An optional freeze control unit is available. Replacement parts are reasonably priced and readily available but seldom needed. Once you have your windmill aeration system assembled and installed you should have free aeration for a long time, problem free. This is a very quiet running aerator that will adequately aerate up to a 1.5 – 2 acre area. The windmill is a diffused air type aerator that will keep an opening in the ice 10′ to 30′ depending on temperature and wind conditions by cycling the ground temperature bottom water to the top. If there is no wind for a day or so causing the water to freeze, it will open up again as the wind picks up.

Open water on your pond in winter provides sunlight and oxygen that is otherwise blocked by ice and snow, it is also a source of fresh drinking water for your ducks, geese and live stock as well as song birds and other wildlife. This process of cycling the bottom water to the top is vitally important in warmer summertime temperatures as well as winter. The increased dissolved oxygen levels invigorate micro-organisms that feed on decaying organic matter that has accumulated on the bottom ( aquatic plants, algae, leaves , fish and water foul feces etc.). This accelerates decomposition of organic sludge reducing bad odors, toxic gases that contribute to fish kill, and reducing nitrogen and phosphate that could otherwise cause excessive algae blooms. Aerating year round will condition your pond and invigorate the food chain, increasing fish spawns and provide cleaner, healthier water for swimming, livestock and wildlife drinking etc…

There are many of these systems that have been up and running for 20 years or more now that have been through storms, some exceeding 80 mph and are still in operation today, functioning problem free. Our windmill aerators are commonly used in applications such as for water gardens, gulf coarse ponds, fish ponds, and swim ponds, wildlife ponds for ducks and geese, municipal settling ponds, septic tanks and catch basins. A water pump is also available to pump water from your pond to a stock tank for watering your live stock or to water a garden. The water pump is powered by the air pressure produced by your windmill. Current pricing is $2450.00 for a complete 20′ windmill kit. Kit includes 100’ sinking airline, 50’ poly airlines to water, pressure relief valve, anchor system and two head diffuser. We no longer offer towers higher than 20 feet as we have learned that 20 feet or 23 feet total height is ideal in 95% of applications. Kits include 100′ airline, diffuser, anchor rods and pressure relief valve. Please call for details.

Shipping is 2-3 days to your door at most US locations. We accept Master card, Discover or Visa for orders by phone.

Please call 1-920-655-8324 for pricing information.

Windmill Aerator Kit Pricing

12′ Windmill Aerator Kit: $2595.00
16′ Windmill Aerator Kit: $2795.00
20′ Windmill Aerator Kit $2975.95


Windmill Kits – include 50′ of poly tubing, 100′ of Quick Sink tubing, hinges for stand up, , pressure relief valve built in, and dual head Quick Sink diffuser

Discounts available for U.S. Military Vets