Shipping Containers

Keep Your Seasonal Toys Safe & Worry Free In these like new 20′ x 8′ x 8.5′ containers, water tight, insect and rodent proof. They are very heavy duty storage units. Sides and roof are steel sheets that are 5.5 times thicker (14 gage.) than regular pole building steel. The floors are supported with steel cross members every 12 inches covered with a 1 1/8th inch thick marine grade plywood. Doors are heavy duty double latched for double padlocks and equipped with a bolt cutter proof lock box. Waste high handles for easy access.

All the snow in the Snowbelt will not collapse the roof on one of these! Available in white or tan. Guaranteed insect & rodent free & weather tight, New condition. Uses are unlimited. They are a very inexpensive alternative to pouring a concrete slab and building a shed that will increase your property tax. A low price for high security to protect expensive equipment. $1850 to $3500.

Delivery available or we can load your trailer. Storage Containers have been used for decades as an economical and convenient solution for long and short term storage needs. Containers are commonly used by businesses- both large and small, farming operations, ranchers, convenience stores, residential and urban farms. Just about anyone looking for quick easy solutions for their storage needs benefit from steel storage containers.

The benefits of using containers are many. They do not require a foundation; the heavy duty floor will support most anything you can throw at it. The all steel construction is rodent resistant and much more secure than a wooden or plastic storage building. There is no assembly of a thin, flimsy metal building or weekends wasted building a wooden shed. Steel Shipping Containers are durable and can be modified for numerous uses.

Contact us today and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions. We have our own delivery trucks and will make the purchase as simple and pain free as possible. In most case we can deliver a unit within 72 hours of you placing an order! Also are commonly used by construction companies for secure job site storage, business remodels, office archive storage, temporary storage after natural disasters and more.

Please contact us today for more information at 920-655-8324, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.